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Neil S. Hawks, on his 31st Birthday

A big part of the whole point of this blog is basically boasting that I built my own house. The bigger truth is that while I did build my own place, and I DO brag about it, in reality I … Continue reading

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First things first, or, On Water

Water is a precious resource anywhere, and we are acutely aware of that fact here in NW Montana, especially on the reservation.  The entire state is currently in the midst of determining just how water rights have worked, do work, … Continue reading

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The Bunkhouse, More or Less Today

As I’ve detailed previously, and also before that, I spent a little time and few bucks fixing up the old cowboy Bunkhouse here on the -X6.  Most of the detailing thus far involved the generally deplorable condition of the collection … Continue reading

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The Bunkhouse, Reborn

A common building practice around these parts, especially in the 20s-40s but even in the present day, is to find a building somewhere else and move it to where you want to have a structure.   That is the case with … Continue reading

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Occasionally detailed instructions on how to build a home

  I built a home.  It wasn’t always going to be a home, or a house, but I’ll get more into that at a later date.   I’m typing this right now from my office in said home, and I think … Continue reading

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