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3-12-16, Photo Update

Here’s a little multimedia update of few things happening around here this late winter / early spring.  Lots of custom work and sawmilling going on at HHS Co, but hopefully I’ll get the time and inclination for a more detailed … Continue reading

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Excavation, Footings, and Crossed Fingers

In my last post regarding construction, I detailed the drilling of the well that provides water to the house and gardens up here near Babb, Montana.  This evening I’ll move on to the nuts and bolts (or sand and cement, … Continue reading

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Just a walk down the lane

Claire and Curtis and I went on a little walk the other day.  It was a gorgeous bluebird afternoon, so I snapped a few photos.  Thought I’d share:   And here’s a new item heading to soon!  Montana cheese … Continue reading

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Neil S. Hawks, on his 31st Birthday

A big part of the whole point of this blog is basically boasting that I built my own house. The bigger truth is that while I did build my own place, and I DO brag about it, in reality I … Continue reading

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New Years Eve, New Years

Over the past several holiday seasons my closest group of friends and family (although the line between the two is difficult to discern after 10-15 years of being together) has made it a point to try to plan a winter … Continue reading

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First things first, or, On Water

Water is a precious resource anywhere, and we are acutely aware of that fact here in NW Montana, especially on the reservation.  The entire state is currently in the midst of determining just how water rights have worked, do work, … Continue reading

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Ivey Courtney Stone, and the meaning of “a couple”

One of the first lessons that I can recall learning in the course of instruction came as  a result of being quite young, rather poor with math, and pretty greedy as far as all things peppermint were concerned.  That combination … Continue reading

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