Neil S. Hawks, on his 31st Birthday

A big part of the whole point of this blog is basically boasting that I built my own house.


Home Sweet Home, October 2015

The bigger truth is that while I did build my own place, and I DO brag about it, in reality I had a lot of help.  A whole big bunch of assistance from friends and family.  Especially from my friend, Neil.

neil & gus.jpg

Neil and Gus….really gotta bring the necklaces back, man

Neil was my brother Howard’s best friend growing up- the two were inseparable for as far back as I can recall.  After Howard’s tragic death in 2004, Neil made every effort to make it to Montana each summer to help us celebrate my brother’s life.  During these weeklong excursions to Glacier Country, he got to know my oldest and closest “Montana Friend” and even married her this summer.  I was honored to have them ask me to officiate their wedding, but perhaps even more thrilled that they still want me to participate in every-day kind of stuff like the photo below:


A brief example of Neil’s ever-changing head and facial hair.  Also, Nat’s turtleneck.

So not to belabor the point, but I love Neil and feel very fortunate to be a part of his life and I am VERY lucky that he so enjoys helping his friends build crazy complicated buildings in the middle of nowhere.  I’m very proud of him, his new business, and his unfalteringingly steady outlook on life.  Cheers, Neil!  Maybe you’ll even see this now that you’ve finally upgraded from that flip-phone!  Also, sorry for putting you on the internet.


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