New Years Eve, New Years

Over the past several holiday seasons my closest group of friends and family (although the line between the two is difficult to discern after 10-15 years of being together) has made it a point to try to plan a winter excursion.  This year we traveled from Minneapolis, Atlanta, and four different fairly-far-flung sections of Montana to gather in the middle of the Rocky Mountain Front, near Choteau, MT for New Years Eve.

There is a “mom and pop” ski hill just west of town known professionally as the Teton Pass Ski Resort.  We had a fantastic experience and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for beautiful views, fast snow, and NO crowds.  Everyone working at the hill seems to pull double-duty somehow, and the atmosphere is remarkably relaxed, congenial, and family friendly.  Worth the drive….and the drive itself is pretty amazing!

We adjourned to Hillhouse after the New Years Celebration for a brief respite from the traffic of Choteau…jokes.  The gang took a two-hour jaunt up the Sun Road toward Rising Sun pretty much just to enjoy the weather and snap a few photos.  So, enjoy the photos.  And- Happy New Year!



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