The Bunkhouse, in the middle of it’s usuable life

I’ve already detailed that we, as a family, are surrounded by an array of buildings both new and old and with a few rather in between.  It was the general feeling amongst us upon first moving in that…well, quite a few of the old buildings would have to go.   Bulldozed. Especially the Bunkhouse.

The Bunkhouse

The Bunkhouse, AFTER thinning out the trees around it, believe it or not

Some of the buildings are built up on railroad ties, some are on “stilts”, some have actual foundations, and others are a combination of a couple methods for securing a building against the forces of nature.  The Bunkhouse…is pretty much just sitting on the ground.  I think it was on some decent beams at one point, but they’ve mostly rotted away by now.  It was a bit of safety hazard, and completely full of a DIFFERENT building’s demolished roof, among other bits of rusty-nail-filled detritus.  Thank goodness we never got around to tearing it down.

11782404_806342141911_8677444770306441932_o 11796393_806341997201_6639745768988331714_n

I should get around to detailing the restoration of the bunkhouse (it was where the cowboys lived) in the near future, but for now I’ll just let you know that it is only HALF fixed up. Well, half of it is kind of fixed up.  Anyways it is a great place to keep stuff out of the snow, for now.


Not this stuff…I cleaned out the roofing from the “Cabin” and all the old doors and beds a couple years ago

The half of the Bunkhouse that remains in need of serious work got a bit of a facelift today.  The long-ago-busted-out windows finally found a reprieve from embarrassment with not-so-fancy osb and plexiglass.  The tiny “joining” building even get a new, hopefully temporary, roof to protect all the junk I don’t want getting wet.  30 year old outboards shouldn’t get wet, right?  I hope to have it more permanently protected in the relatively near future, but with snow on the horizon I just wanted to get ‘er done for the moment.


Not my finest frames, but they should work for a couple years.  Just some OSB and lathe with a picture-grade acrylic ready for the opening.

IMG_1583 IMG_1594

This one faces north.


Below the window opening, you can see holes in the wall- There is a hole in each stud cavity for when (years ago) insulation was blown in to keep the place a little toastier. The holes were simply covered over with shakes, many of which have since blown away.IMG_1596

This one takes the brunt of wind and faces due west.  The final opening (and the door) face east so they don’t take much of a snow or wind load, but doubtless some of that will sneak around the edges.

They aren’t perfect, but they’ll work fine for now to keep snow off the floor and out of the building.  And they were almost free, seeing as I have a plentiful supply of plexiglass and brown paint around here.  The other side of the bunkhouse is a bit more of an extensive overhaul that I’ll get to soon.  Of course, the whole thing could blow over tomorrow but I’ll take some photos of that as well.

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2 Responses to The Bunkhouse, in the middle of it’s usuable life

  1. Claire says:

    What a fine place for an art studio, mighty fine.

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